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This demo starts with a core experience delivered to small screen devices with a mobile-first approach. In the absence of javascript the navigation icon will degrade gracefully to a traditional jump link down to the website footer that offers navigation links. Alternatively the fallback navigation could send the user to a sitemap page.

The navigation is progressively enhanced for those browsers that support javascript. In this scenario the navigation link is hijacked by the script which toggles a class applying styles responsible for moving the primary navigation panel on and off the screen using the CSS left property. The default styles for the navigation panel mean it's hidden from view off the left of the viewport. By moving the main container over to the right and hiding the overflow, we pull the navigation menu into view.

An extra enhancement layer is added for modern browsers. With javascript we first detect if the browser supports translate3d transformations. If support is available, some extra styles are applied to reset the left positioning and instead transition the menu on/off screen using CSS3 transformations to enhance performance.

On screen sizes capable of displaying the navigation permanently, media queries are used to reformat the page accordingly.

This demo does not bother to patch media query support for older versions of IE. This could easily be achieved using a script such as respond.js or by serving an IE only stylesheet.


I came across two issues when implementing this demo. The first was because I had used an old image replacement technique on the navigation icon that made use of a large negative pixel value. This had large performance implications as the browser was having to redraw a large box off screen. The second issue was an obvious flicker when the main container was transitioned with the translate3d transformation, most noticeable on android devices. To remedy this I had to set an empty translate3d property - transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0); to the default styles for this element. I'm not sure why but applying these redundant styles before the hamburger icon was clicked did the trick.


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